Novelty/Keepsake Leis

These lei make a wonderful keepsake.  Not all leis pictured may be on hand.  Please special order yarn/ribbon lei 1 month ahead.
Yarn/Ribbon Lei
These lei can mimic real flowers lei or just be a fun expression reflecting school or team colors. 

Yarn Lei $10-$30

Ribbon Lei $20-$30
Money Folds Additional

Kukui Nut/Shell Lei
The kukui was a vital tree, nut and oil to the Hawaiians.  The kukui nut come in black, brown and a variegated black/white.  Nuts can be strung with flowers, leaves, shells.

Fresh flowers with Shell & Kukui Nuts

Custom Shell Lei with Kukui Nuts

Candy Lei
What kid doesn't like getting a candy lei?
We can make almost any treat into a lei. 
Add any color ribbons and money folds.

Candy Lei $10 Each
Money Folds Additional
pick 2-3 ribbon colors