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I also do wedding leis and bouquets.
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Ti Leaf Lei

Styled after the Maile Lei, this lei uses ti leaves and is easily accessorized with orchids, kukui nuts or money folds.  Money folds can be plumeria, sand dollar, hibiscus,or butterfly shapes.  Most folds require two bills and you can customize how much you want to give and number of bills. Money can be a single accent or fill an entire lei. Ti leaf leis and can be open ended or closed, great alone or layering multiple leis. The basic rope lei starts at $20. The full long maile style is $40.  Add-on flowers, nuts, or money is extra.

Please order at least 2 days in advance.

Prices Range $20 -$70+ for leaf leis
Money Add-on extra

Traditional Haku Lei

Each Haku Lei is hand woven from seasonal fresh cut flowers and foliage. The technique of making Haku was taught to me from my Hawaiian Grandmother when I was just 7 years old.  Haku is worn on the head but can be special ordered long to wear around the neck.  Almost any flower can be used but I prefer to use flowers, ferns and foliage that last long and dries nice so the Haku may be preserved as a keepsake.  Traditional Hawaiian Weddings use Haku Lei.  Also very popular for graduations in Hawaii.

Please order at least 3 days in advance.

Prices Range $50 - $70 for Haku Lei

Candy Lei

Candy Lei are fun to give and fun to receive by all ages.  Candies are fun size mix and individually packaged fruit gummies.  Customize your candy, or special order sugar free or gluten free.   Pick your school colors, team colors or favorite colors for ribbons.  Great for the entire class, club or team. Also great to add money!


Popular with teens, this spicy hot snack makes a great novelty gift lei. Guaranteed to turn heads and get that "aha" nod of approval.

Prices Range $10 (may be more for special request candies or items)