Haku Lei

Blue-Purple Haku

Purple Orchids and Statis
Neck Haku Lei $70

Hydrangea (also in pink and white)
Haku Head Lei $50

Hello Sunshine!
Haku Neck Lei $70

Agapanthus (also available in white)
Haku Head Lei $50

white/blue Bird of Paradise, ribbon 
& Sea Lavender, Neck closed ends

Purple Orchid Haku               (string lei)
              Sea Lavender Haku

Teal haku w/antique blue hydrangea and baby's breathe
Haku Head Lei $50

White Haku Lei

Bird of Paradise
Neck Haku Lei $70

Fancy White Bird of Paradise
Haku Head lei$50

Gardenia & White Rose (Wedding)Long open $90; Neck closed $70

Haku Lei Prices
Head Lei $50 each
Neck closed ends $70 each
Long open ends $80 each
Extra Wide open ends call for price 

all Leaf & Haku Lei are made to order
please ask if your favorite flower is available
many combinations possible

These leis are great alone or for layering.
I can add ribbon accents on request.
Please tell me if you want a lei that will dry to save as a keepsake. 

Yellow Rose, Green & Silver 
Haku Head Lei $50

Yellow Roses and Blue Hydrangea
Extra-Long Haku Open $90

Reds-Pink Haku

Pink Roses and Succulents
Neck Haku Lei $70

San Diego Red Bougainvillea
Haku Head Lei $50

Pink Haku Altar Piece (Funeral)
Call for Price Quote

Lehua Haku
Long open ends