Flower Neck Lei

White Rose Lei $20 each strand

White & Blue Agapanthus Lei $20 each
w/fragrant accents of carnation or stephanotis

Blue Agapanthus; Leaf(discontinued)& Money

Purple Bougainvillea $40
add-on 2 Butterfly Money (any 4 bills)
June-Aug Flowers Available - each lei $20
various color mini carnation & stephanotis

Mock Maile & Rose
rose lei $20 (leaf not available)

2 Strand, White Rose Lei $35

Orchid & Stephanotis; Orchid & Tuberose
 Lei $20 each

May-July, Double White Agapanthus $50

Double White Agapanthus $50 each
with yellow carnation and red ti

July Flowers Available - each lei $20-$30
1-mini carnation/stephanotis
3-plumeria variety
4-white, light to dark blue agapanthus
Lei Anuenue
Rainbow Lei $40

 3 Strand Twist, White Rose Lei $50

Double Blue Agapanthus;Single Blue Agapanthus
with fragrant Tuberose accents

Double Carnation & Blue Agapanthus $50

Blue Agapanthus & Plumeria
Single Lei $20

July Flowers Available - each lei $20
1-plumeria & dark blue agapanthus
2-mini carnation & stephanotis
3-yellow rose & stephanotis
4-light-dark blue agapanthus & stephanotis accent

Rose Lei $20